Marriage|Relationship Counseling

When marriages fail, it's not due to conflict, it's due to decreasing emotional connection.

Are you unhappy in your marriage? Are you fighting all the time? Do you find yourself isolated and alone in your relationship? Have you experienced infidelity/cheating? Do you feel disconnected? Is your partner really there for you? 

If your marriage /relationship has been devastated by an affair or infidelity; if you are thinking about separation or divorce or if you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be in jeopardy of loosing your most valued relationship. You don’t have to wait, call/text me at (407) 415-9017 and see if therapy is right for you.

Through skilled counseling with a highly trained clinician, connection, trust and love can be rebuilt.

If your marriage or relationship is in distress, it will eventually create anxiety, depression, anger and health problems for you. Don’t wait any longer. Take charge of your life. Take charge of your health. Take charge of the relationship you value most. You will never regret it. Don’t wait another day. Call me, text or email me today.  

Marital happiness is sustainable through connection and conversation.

Anxiety Counseling

What else is Anxiety going to take from you this month? 
Are your closest relationships in distress? Do you worry excessively about your family, kids, work, health or money? Do you have sleepless nights anticipating the worst? Are you burdened with anxiety, worry or stress caused by an unstable relationship, trauma, pending divorce, auto accident, health related diagnosis, or marriage issues?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, I know you are suffering. This can be emotionally consuming, draining and eventually cause you physical problems such as acid reflux, migraine headaches, irritable bowels, sleep inconsistency, weight gain/loss, disruption of short term memory and relationship breakdown. It can also interfere with your family life and even overflow to your job.
You're time for happiness is now, don't wait one more day.
For a brief consultation, to ask questions or set up an appointment call, text or email today. If you don't know how to make your marriage, relationship better or get rid of your anxiety,  therapy/counseling can help. I'm located near Orlando in Maitland, Florida and work to offer all new clients an appontment in one week or less.